Sociological Methodology (2006-2009)

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Volume 38

  Editor’s Introduction
    Yu Xie
Symposium on Implication Analysis
  Implication Analysis: A Pragmatic Proposal for Linking Theory and Data in the Social Sciences
    Stanley Lieberson and Joel Horwich
    Jack Goldstone, Charles Tilly, Glenn Firebaugh, Mark Mizruchi, & Burton Singer
  Response to Comments
    Stanley Lieberson & Joel Horwich
Data Collection and Data Quality
  Measurement Error in Stylized and Diarz Data on Time Use
    Man Yee Kan & Stephen Pudney
  Validation of a Diary Measure of Children's Physical Activities
    Sandra Hofferth, Gregory J. Welk, Margarita S. Treuth, Suzanne M. Randolph, Sally C. Curtin, & Richard Valliant
Methods for Analyzing Social Network Data
  A Relational Event Framework for Social Action
    Carter T. Butts
  Modeling Diffusion of Multiple Innovations via Multilevel Diffusion Curves: Payola in Pop Music Radio
    Gabriel Rossman, Ming Ming Chiu, & Joeri Mol
Statistical Methods
  A Diagnostic Routine for the Detection of Consequential Heterogeneity of Causal Effects
    Stephen L. Morgan & Hennifer J. Todd
  Four Useful Finite Mixture Models for Regression Analyses of Panel-Data with a Categorical Dependent Variable
    Kazuo Yamaguchi
  Outliers, Leverage Observations and Influential Cases in Factor Analysis: Minimizing Their Effect Using Robust Procedures
    Ke-Hai Yuan and Xiaoling Zhong
  Multiple Imputation of Incomplete Categorical Data Using Latent Class Analysis
    Jeroen K. Vermunt, Joost R. van Ginkel, L. Andries van der Ark, & Klaas Sijtsma