Debra Hevenstone


Working Papers




I graduated from the University of Michigan's PhD program in Sociology and Public Policy in December 2008. On this website you can find my working papers, dissertation, presentations, and CV. My area of interest is social stratification and inequality while methodologically I am interested in various quantitative methods including geostatistics, complex systems, and network analysis. The first paper in my dissertation was a network analysis of the academic labor market in Sociology examining the relationship between institutions' prestige rankings and their centrality in academic employment networks. The second paper used an agent based model to examine firms' incentives to use temp agencies. The final two papers used statistical methods (propensity score matching, multilevel analysis, regression) in international comparative analyses of the causes of atypical employment and the wage penalties associated with it. New projects include a study of segregation and inequality as a consequence of the devolution of taxation and an analysis of flexicurity, examining how policy impacts labour market outcomes and job satisfaction in ten European countries.